8 de enero de 2008

La filosofía del fracaso y los libros de texto en algunos países europeos

Stefan Theil, editor económico de la revista Newsweek, publica un artículo en el número más reciente de la revista Foreign Policy en el cual relata como los estudiantes en Francia y Alemania aprenden principios económicos a partir de libros de texto que son, más bien, propaganda.

Aquí el primer párrafo de su artículo:

Mllions of children are being raised on prejudice and disinformation. Educated in schools that teach a skewed ideology, they are exposed to a dogma that runs counter to core beliefs shared by many other Western countries. They study from textbooks filled with a doctrine of dissent, which they learn to recite as they prepare to attend many of the better universities in the world. Extracting these children from the jaws of bias could mean the difference between world prosperity and menacing global rifts. And doing so will not be easy. But not because these children are found in the madrasas of Pakistan or the state-controlled schools of Saudi Arabia. They are not. Rather, they live in two of the world’s great democracies—France and Germany.

¿Exagera Thiel? Aquí un ejemplo:

German students will be well-versed in many subjects upon graduation; one topic they will know particularly well is their rights as welfare recipients. One 10th-grade social studies text titled FAKT has a chapter on “What to do against unemployment.” Instead of describing how companies might create jobs, the section explains how those without jobs can organize into self-help groups and join weekly anti-reform protests “in the tradition of the East German Monday demonstrations” (which in 1989 helped topple the communist dictatorship).

Mejor lee su artículo. Aquí lo encuentras.

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