20 de octubre de 2007

What I do in San Miguel

Since this blog (look at the map on the right hand side of the blog) has visitors from English-speaking countries, I will occasionally put some posts in English.

One of the best things of living in Mexico City is that I have the opportunity to visit San Miguel Allende very often. San Miguel is about three hours from Mexico City and, I think it is safe to say, it is one of the most beautiful towns in the country. Whenever you come to Mexico for vacations, San Miguel is a must.

So, here are some recommendations in case you decide to stop by.

Where I prefer to have breakfast? La Parroquia (small restaurant in Calle Jesús). Actually I have breakfast here all the time.

Where I love to eat lunch? El Asador Catalán (just outside town, in the road to Querétaro)

If I want to play golf? I go to Malanquín.

Walk on the park? Jardín Juárez

I need a magazine or a newspaper! I stop at Tinta y Papel

Shopping? All over downtown, but also stop at La Aurora

If I decide to do nothing and just sit around. I go to the Jardín principal at the main square. It is also a good place to read.

What I would like to do and have never done? Get on the hot-air ballon. The view from up there must be amazing.

Finally, San Miguel has many spas, restaurants, bars, coffee shops. Check this site. I do not know if anyone has ever come up with a study about this, but my sense is that San Miguel has the most restaurants and galleries in the country on a per capita basis.

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Ruth R dijo...

solo de leer esto me dieron mas ganas de ir a San Miguel, esperamos que pronto se concrete una visita.