1 de julio de 2008

Como salvar a Irak

Christopher Hitchens, uno de los intelectuales más influyentes en nuestros días, ofrece una excelente y sencilla idea para contribuir a la construcción de una democracia en Irak: donar libros para las bibliotecas.

Aquí el artículo.

Hitchens señala que hace varios siglos Irak era uno de los centros intelectuales y filosóficos más importantes del mundo. Hoy en día, y desde antes que iniciara la guerra, ya no tenía centros de estudio, no habían libros de otros idiomas y de otras culturas. En consecuencia, el país es vulnerable a olas de fanatismo e intolerancia.

Así termina el artículo:

So here's what to do.

Have a look at the
university's Web site. Get some decent volumes together, pass the word to your friends and co-workers to do the same, and send them off to:

Nathan Musselman
The American University of Iraq—Sulaimani
Building No. 7, Street 10
Quarter 410
Ablakh Area
Iraq(+964) (0)770-461-5099

It's important to include the number at the end.

When I first saw the city of Sulaymaniya in 1991, it was still under occupation by Saddam Hussein's army, and the Kurdish region in general was a howling wilderness of wrecked towns and gassed, "cleansed" villages. The graves from that time are still being dug up, but on my last visit, in 2006, the main emphasis was on reconstruction and investment, with the city proudly opening its own airport with direct flights from outside the country. Anyone who can help in this process of emancipation, in however small a way, should be proud to do so.

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