13 de septiembre de 2010

Una buena receta para crecer

Who will tell the people? China and India have been catching up to America not only via cheap labor and currencies. They are catching us because they now have free markets like we do, education like we do, access to capital and technology like we do, but, most importantly, values like our Greatest Generation had. That is, a willingness to postpone gratification, invest for the future, work harder than the next guy and hold their kids to the highest expectations.

In a flat world where everyone has access to everything, values matter more than ever. Right now the Hindus and Confucians have more Protestant ethics than we do ...

El autor es Thomas Friedman y su columna se llama We're No. 1(1)!

En su editorial (que aquí encuentras) analiza las razones por las cuales su país (Estados Unidos) no tiene, en estos momentos, la vitalidad y competitividad que muestran otros países.

Su argumento también aplica en otras latitudes.


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