24 de septiembre de 2010

El déficit de responsabilidad

La columna de David Brooks es la mejor razón por la cual uno debe leer el martes y el viernes el periódico norteamericano The New York Times. Hoy, en su editorial, habla del ánimo del elector y la manera en que el sistema político y legal puede afectar la responsabilidad individual.

Aquí varios párrafos:

... The heart of any moral system is the connection between action and consequences. Today’s public anger rises from the belief that this connection has been severed in one realm after another.

Financiers send the world into recession and don’t seem to suffer. Neighbors take on huge mortgages and then just walk away when they go underwater. Washington politicians avoid living within their means. Federal agencies fail and get rewarded with more responsibilities.

What the country is really looking for is a restoration of responsibility...

... Over the past several decades ... a thicket of spending obligations, rules and regulations has arisen, which limits individual discretion, narrows room for maneuver and makes it harder to assign responsibility...

... What’s needed ... is a great streamlining... It’s about giving teachers, doctors and officials the power to actually make decisions and then holding them accountable. Some of their choices will be wrong ... but it is better to live in an imperfect world of individual responsibility than it is to live within a dehumanizing legal thicket that seeks to eliminate risk through a tangle of micromanaging statutes.

Aquí el editorial completo.


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