7 de septiembre de 2010

Orwell y el inicio del bombardeo alemán

Hace 70 años, el 7 de septiembre de 1940, en el contexto de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, inició el bombardeo alemán en la capital británica (Londres). Se le conoce como The Blitz y duró poco más de ocho meses.

Aquí lo que escribió George Orwell en su diario:

Air-raid alarms now frequent enough, and lasting long enough, for people habitually to forget whether the alarm is on at the moment, or whether the All Clear has sounded. Noise of bombs and gunfire, except when very close (which probably means within two miles) now accepted as a normal background to sleep or conversation. I have still not heard a bomb go off with the sort of bang that makes you feel you are personally involved.

In Churchill’s speech, number killed in air-raids during August given as 1075. Even if truthful, probably a large understatement as it includes only civilian casualties. . . . . The secretiveness officially practised about raids is extraordinary. To-day’s papers report that a bomb fell in a square “in central London”. Impossible to find out which square it was, though thousands of people must know


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