12 de agosto de 2011

Enormes palabras

You have all the benefits in this country which individuals in other countries would pray for, and you bring shame and disgrace upon this country as a whole, and upon yourselves and your families. You do nothing constructive. Everything you do is destructive. This was intolerable lawlessness and no civilised society should be expected to put up with it.

Estas fueron las palabras del juez Alan Berg (de la ciudad de Manchester) a un par de personas que participaron en los recientes saqueos y disturbios de aquella ciudad. Aquí la fuente.

Ya que estamos en el tema, aquí el extraordinario mensaje en el Parlamento (11 de agosto) del Primer Ministro David Cameron sobre los disturbios en Inglaterra. Aquí los primeros párrafos:

With permission, I would like to make a statement. First, let me thank the Speaker and Honourable Members for returning. When there are important events in our country, it is right that Parliament is recalled and that we show a united front. I’m grateful to the Leader of the Opposition for the constructive approach that he has taken over the past few days. I have spoken with many of the members whose constituencies have been affected – and I would like to pay tribute to the Member for Tottenham for his powerful words and unstinting work over recent days.

What we have seen on the streets of London and in other cities across our country is completely unacceptable and I am sure the whole House will join me in condemning it. Keeping people safe is the first duty of government. The whole country has been shocked by the most appalling scenes of people looting, violence, vandalising and thieving.

It is criminality pure and simple. And there is absolutely no excuse for it. We have seen houses, offices and shops raided and torched. Police officers assaulted and fire crews attacked as they try to put out fires. People robbing others while they lie injured and bleeding in the street. And even three innocent people being deliberately run over and killed in Birmingham.

Mr Speaker, we will not put up with this in our country. We will not allow a culture of fear to exist on our streets. And we will do whatever it takes to restore law and order and to rebuild our communities.


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