23 de junio de 2010

Los equipos de futbol y lo que reflejan de los estereotipos nacionales

A propósito del espectáculo de la selección de Francia, escribe Julian Sancton:

If national soccer teams are often said to reflect their countries' characteristics on the field—the Germans are efficient, the Spanish are quixotic, the Italians have a flair for the dramatic—the French squad today reinforced national stereotypes off of it, namely that they are recalcitrant, indignant whiners. This morning, the entire team decided to boycott their training session to protest the expulsion of striker Nicolas Anelka from the tournament yesterday. Like French labor unions, Les Bleus couldn't last two weeks without going on strike. But unlike the habitual disputes over rail-worker wages or retirement plans, this farce took place on the world stage...

Aquí la entrada completa.


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