28 de abril de 2011

Innovación, inversión extranjera y desempeño de la empresa adquirida

Muchos hemos visto que la adquisición de una empresa por parte de una multinacional le permite a la empresa adquirida mejorar su desempeño. ¿Que explica esta situación?

Ideas at work
(de Columbia Business School) ofrece una respuesta:

... multinationals are buying firms that are already high performers — but acquisition makes these great firms even better, and in more ways than one. When process innovation is associated with the purchase of a firm by a multinational, two types of major changes happen following the acquisition: new technology is introduced, and new management practices are implemented. Acquisition is also associated with increased firm productivity. This finding complements other recent economics research that attributes superior management practices at multinationals to be one of the main drivers of improved performance at subsidiaries.

Aquí la fuente.


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