2 de marzo de 2011

La respuesta militar en Egipto, Libia y los recursos naturales

Durante el levantamiento popular en Egipto, el ejército protegió a las personas; en Libia, los militares han defendido al gobierno y atacado a las personas.

¿Que explica la diferencia? Planet Money ofrece una respuesta:

In Egypt, the military runs lots of different businesses — from bottled water to household appliances. The Egyptian people are the military's customers. So the military was following a a basic rule of business: Don't kill your customers...

In Libya, on the other hand, the entire economy is based on oil and gas exports. And the government controls the money those exports bring in. So neither the government nor the military has to answer to the people.

This is a classic problem in resource-rich developing countries. It's called the resource curse.

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