25 de enero de 2011

Cuanto cuesta entrar a las reuniones en Davos

El día de mañana inicia en Davos la reunión anual del Foro Económico Mundial. Aquí el sitio del encuentro que, este año, se convoca con el título Shared Norms for the New Reality.

Una de las preguntas más intrigantes ha sido ¿Cuanto cuesta participar en Davos?

Andrew Ross Sorkin nos da la respuesta en su blog Dealbook.

... Just to have the opportunity to be invited to Davos, you must be invited to be a member of the World Economic Forum, a Swiss nonprofit that was founded by Klaus Schwab, a German-born academic who managed to build a global conference in the snow.

There are several levels of membership: the basic level, which will get you one invitation to Davos, costs 50,000 Swiss francs, or about $52,000. The ticket itself is another 18,000 Swiss francs ($19,000), plus tax, bringing the total cost of membership and entrance fee to $71,000.

But that fee just gets you in the door with the masses at Davos, with entry to all the general sessions. If you want to be invited behind the velvet rope to participate in private sessions among your industry’s peers, you need to step up to the “Industry Associate” level. That costs $137,000, plus the price of the ticket, bringing the total to about $156,000...

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