8 de febrero de 2011

La creatividad, principal activo para competir en la economía del siglo 21

Mark Batey, autor del blog Free Trade y profesor del Manchester Business School, explica las razones por las cuales considera que la 'creatividad' es el activo más importante que tienen las personas y empresas exitosas.

Aquí una de las razones:

Creative organizations are more profitable:

Creative companies harness the creativity within the organisation to improve or invent new products, processes and services. As indicated in the Ernst & Young 2010 Connecting Innovation to Profit report:

“We assume that 50% of our revenue in 5 years’ time must come from sources that do not exist today. That is why we innovate.”

In the same Ernst & Young report it was found that highly successful companies realise that:

“the ability to manage, organise, cultivate and nurture creative thinking is directly linked to growth and achievement”.

Further, the report highlighted that “Innovation ‘for the sake of it’ is often essential, but the speed at which a fast-growth company moves forward will depend on its ability to connect creativity to profit

Aquí el resto.


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