9 de mayo de 2011

Buscando una salida fácil

El pasado sábado, en su columna en el Miami Herald, Andress Oppenheimer relata una idea que están promoviendo algunas instituciones latinoamericanas: dado que los rankings internacionales no están clasificando a las universidades de la región, ahora proponen elaborar su propio listado.

Aquí algunos párrafos:

... Angered that major international rankings of the world’s best universities don’t list any Latin American institution among their top 100 schools, several countries in the region have come up with a bizarre solution: create a regional index that will exclude the rest of the world. Indeed, a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) higher education regional agency known as IESALC met in Buenos Aires on May 6 to speed up the creation of the new regional ranking. It said it will be “an alternative regional project” that will “suit the needs” of Latin American schools.

Obviamente, Oppenheimer explica porque esto es una mala idea:

My opinion: Critics may have a point in that existing international rankings don’t take into account some characteristics of Latin American universities, such as their size or social responsibilities. But creating a regional ranking that will essentially help make the region’s universities look good is a mistake. Latin American universities’ poor showing in global rankings is a continental scandal, because there is no way that the region will be able to compete in the global knowledge-based economy without world-class universities.

Instead of hiding from these rankings, the region should use them as a mobilizing factor to modernize and internationalize its schools, as is already happening in a few major universities in the region. The fact that existing rankings may be biased in favor of English-speaking scholars should be no excuse: Chinese, Japanese and South Korean universities rank much higher, and their scholars were not born speaking English, nor using the Roman alphabet.

Aquí la columna completa.


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