7 de diciembre de 2009

Lo que estoy leyendo

Aquí un párrafo introductorio:

... is not about idealized heroes but about real people -men (and some women) who needed to earn their living, who made mistakes, who trampled down their rivals, or even sometimes got bored and did something else. This book explores the scientific power, arguing that being right is not always enough: if an idea is to prevail, people must say that it is right. This new version of scientific history challenges the notion of Eurupean superiority by showing how sicence has been built up from knowledge and skills developed in other parts of the world. Rather than concentrating on esoteric experiments and abstract theories, Science: A Four Thousand Year History explains how science belongs to the real world of war, politics, and business.

Aquí el vínculo al libro Science: A Four Thousand Year History de Patricia Fara.


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