6 de diciembre de 2009

El golf y la integridad

Según Charles McGrath, columnista del New York Times, que el golf está construido sobre dos principios éticos, la honestidad y la integridad.

It also matters to the image that .. is a golfer and not, say, a football player. N.F.L. players get into these kinds of scrapes all the time and we hardly notice, while pro golfers, to be honest, sometimes seem straight-arrow to the point of blandness. But golf, unlike just about any other sport, is built on honesty and integrity. It’s the only one whose players are expected to call penalties on themselves and whose rules, rather than being something to be worked around, are accorded a kind of Talmudic reverence. When a golfer’s ball moves while he’s trying to hack it out of the rough, he doesn’t privately acknowledge and regret the mishap and move on; he announces it to his opponent. When he whiffs, he doesn’t look around to see if anyone noticed before marking his card appropriately.

Aquí el ensayo completo.


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