25 de octubre de 2009

Retrato de la mujeres norteamericanas y las transformaciones que están generando

Dos buenas frase del muy interesante estudio titulado The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything.

La primera es de Maria Shriver, la autora principal del reporte.

What we have heard loud and clear is that the Battle of the Sexes is over. It is a draw. Now we're engaged in Negotiation Between the Sexes.

Virtually all married couples told the pollsters they're negotiating the rules of their relationships, work, and family. An overwhelming majority of both men and women said they're sitting down at their kitchen tables to coordinate their family's schedules, duties, and responsibilities, including child care and elder care, at least two to three times a week. Men said it was more like every day!

La segunda es de Jamal Simmons, colaborador del reporte.

Relationships these days are different. The woman you commit to today may have the same name and Social Security number as the woman you are with tomorrow, but she may want completely different things in her life at different times in your life with her. The only remaining rule seems to be: Stay flexible.


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