16 de agosto de 2010

Un párrafo interesante

Sobre las razones por las cuales algunos jóvenes deciden no estudiar en una universidad, Philip Hensher escribe en su columna University isn't right for everyone el siguiente enunciado:

... You really can’t blame a smart school leaver for considering that university might not be worth the candle. First, there is the debt – if you go to university this year, the debt you leave with will amount to the whole of your first year’s salary, at least. And that is if you do well enough to get a good milk-round job. Students are painfully aware that many university leavers with a good degree are still struggling to find any employment a year or two after leaving. If you slip up, and get a 2.2, you might as well forget about mentioning it on your CV and pretend to have spent the previous three years smoking crack in Berlin instead...

Aquí la columna.


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